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After opening it's doors in 1985, the vision was clear,  "create a family oriented restaurant that serves hot, fresh pizza at an affordable prices." Today there are over 300 successful restaurants nationwide all exceeding customer expectations.

Eating at Cici's Pizza is an adventure in itself,  where eating seconds are an "everyday occurrence" and thirds are "no problem." At Cici's you can expect the salad to be always crisp and the supply of pizza, "un-ending." Imagine stepping in for an all-you-can-eat feeding frenzy including 16 different toppings of pizza, buffet-style-salad galore, and every pizza is freshly hot from the oven.  The food is endless and the entertainment always great, from television sets to arcades your spending your night in a haven for fun and well... food.  When your done with your 16 separate and unique pizza toppings you can move on to some of the fantastic dessert dishes offered at the restaurant.

If your looking for that pizza that you cant find anywhere then you have come to the right place.  Cici's will make a pizza with whatever kind of toppings you want on top, even some of the strangest pizzas can be made as long as the restaurant has the toppings on hand.

Eating at Cici's is not just delicious, it's an adventure in dining!

Check out this menu:

  • Endless Pizza Toppings
  • A Full Salad Buffet
  • 16 Variations of Pizza on demand
  • Fantastic Fresh Bake Desserts
  • All the Soda You Can Drink

There are three basic ingredients that creates a award-winning pizza, crispy golden crust, vine-ripen tomatoes, and whole-milk mozzarella cheese. Made fresh every day, whether your a meat or veggie lover, Cici's strives to provide an endless supply of signature toppings to satisfy your every whim. Imagine, a mouth watering pizza with hearty mushrooms, spicy jalapeņos, tender chicken, savory onions, sizzling beef or Italian sausage 

When your looking for a change, excite your taste bud with Cici's signature pasta made with fresh Italian sauce.  Cici's pasta is constantly restocked allowing you to get seconds, thirds, fourths and as many as you need to fill you up and send you on you way.

Cici's salad bar is second to none with fresh green lettuce,  carrots,  cherry tomatoes with your choice of a host of tasty dressings.

Have room for dessert?   No problem, we got that too. Cici's dessert menu is always hot & fresh and in abundance. Choose from endless supply of hot Apple Pizza,  dark rich chocolate Brownies and don't forget Cici's famous steaming hot Cinnamon Rolls with white icing.

Special order your own meal today when you choose from their signature and classic creations.

"America works on Cici's Pizza."

Good at participating Locations:.

  • 7437 International Drive, Orlando FL( 407-226-9822 )
  • 8586 Palm Parkway. Orlando FL ( 407-238-7711 )
  • 13605 S. Apopka Vineland Rd, Orlando, FL ( 407-239-4450 )
  • 5033 W. Highway Us-192, Kissimmee, FL(407-391-9001)


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