Pirates Cove Adventure Golf has been founded since 1983 and was established in Traverse City, Michigan. The mission of this adventure golf attraction has always been to provide a wholesome, quality, family oriented entertainment option that ensures a great time for the whole family no matter what your age is. For about twenty years people have been enjoying the Pirates Cove Adventure Golf and trying out their putting skills on the many holes with rushing white water from waterfalls cascading down the sides and streams. They are built with surrounding lush landscapes with pirate props and décor. The Pirate Adventure Golf has always been maintained and clean and many people notice the detail that was put into the attraction when it was built. Pirates is slowly growing and today has twenty different locations, some even extend to the north into Bar Harbor, Maine, to the south in Orlando, Florida, as well as Rapid City in the west and South Dakota.

Pirates is such a great family attraction that they have earned awards in the past years for many different things. The Pirates Cove Adventure Golf in Orlando, Fl has been named the “Best in Florida” for miniature golf according to Orlando magazine. Pirates Cove Adventure Golf even has merchandise for vacationers to purchase in case they want some souvenirs. They have Nautical Gifts, Pirate Toys and Games, Tee Shirts and caps, Weaponry and Pistol Replicas, Pirate Flags and Headwear, Unique Pirate Items, Replica Pirate Ships, Glassware, Jewelry, Children’s Pirate Books, and much more. Pirates Cove Adventure Golf offers customers a chance to experience unequaled miniature golf. At each hole there is a small story about pirates and what they were about.

Each hole is place in a unique setting as well with some holes set in caves, over footbridges, under waterfalls, under bridges and much more. Each setting is unique, exciting, and fun filled. This miniature golf experience will stick with the kids forever and the whole family will enjoy a time of fun and excitement. Even locals in the area love to take a night and go to Pirates Cove Adventure Golf to let loose and enjoy themselves. Even some of the miniature golf courses have miniature paddle boats that take you around the park and see the other people play on the course. When arriving at the Pirate Cove Adventure Golf the whole family can pick out whatever color ball they would like and a golf club that fits their size. Then the attendant will give each family a score card for them to keep score and on the back of the score card is a scavenger hunt sometimes so the family can look for certain things along the way. At the end of the game there is a prize for them if they find all of the things on the scavenger hunt as well as a prize for the winner of the whole game. There is never a dull moment at Pirates Cove Adventure Golf.