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Ace Rental Car began providing quality rental cars to customers in 1966, not through company to client methods but as a franchise system which worked for quite some time. Ace began to realize that their customers meant more than the corporate system they had established and decided to create their own system and handle the customer hands on. By eliminating the middle man, Ace Rental Car began to see an improvement in their numbers. They were able to save tons of money which translates to better, lower rates for their clients who are always coming back for a rental when they need them. With a firm hold on the moral cloth of quality customer service, ace continues to win over their customers with a great deal of confidence. They make the experience of renting a vehicle a pleasant one to deal with. They have all the best vehicles in their fleet including the Toyota Yaris, the Nissan Versa and Altima, and many other quality vehicles for as low as $12 per day, not to mention the savings your will get by using Ace Car Rental Coupons.

Ace Rental Car prides themselves in quality vehicles at amazingly low rates with the help of wise business decisions, quality customer service from passionate employees, and even with the use of innovative technologies in the market of vehicle rentals. They have been around for quite some time so they have an amazing amount of experience in the field when it comes to rental cars trucks, SUVs and other notable selections. Find Ace Rental Cars in most major airports around the world and get into a quality vehicle for a fraction of the price. When the larger names in rental cars come into mind just remember Ace will do anything for your patronage, and they love repeat customers which means they are doing something right somewhere. Get into a hot little car today for less by using rental car discounts from Ace!