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Advantage Rental Car Discounts Get the advantage over everyone else when renting your next vehicle for your travel or just every day needs. Everyone likes to ask, "What's the advantage?" Well, that's quite simple. The advantage IS Advantage Rental Car. Wow, that's a little confusing so here's an explanation. Advantage Rental Car is one of the best companies to go with when you're looking for an affordable rental in most major cities across the country. They have some beautiful vehicles ready to serve you and their customer service is unparalleled by anybody in their market level. With quality service, quality vehicles, and locations near you wherever that may be, Advantage Rental Car discounts gives you the ultimate advantage for less money. Advantage not only has some of the best prices on the market, they also have great specials and discounts for their customers, past or future. Need a hot ride in West Palm Beach? Advantage has you covered. Is Colorado Springs your next destination for a great vacation or even a business trip? Advantage wants to help you get around town.

Advantage began working the Rental Car scene in 1963 as a company by the name of Three Ninety Nine Car Rentals. They were established outside of a military base in San Antonio, Texas where they rented a large majority of their vehicles to the military personnel and other government employees. Today, they rent to anyone who needs a vehicle in most major cities around the country. Advantage declared bankruptcy in 2008 which greatly affected the future of the company; however, Hertz came along and bought them out keeping a little over 20 locations open for business. They now plan on expanding the line to meet more cities across the country. They plan on moving forward to keep expanding so that more people in the country can partake in the excellent prices by taking advantage of the amazing discount car rental rates from Advantage.