10 Best and Unique Hotels to Visit

These hotels are sure to get your attention - they are unlike any other hotels in the world. And you can stay there - if you have the money!


If you’re looking for a unique place to go and stay then this blog will be for you. This is a list of 10 of the best and most unique hotels in the world. Some are luxury hotels others are one of a kind. No mater the type of hotel you are looking for there is sure to be something that will suit your taste in this list.



Cappadocia Cave Resort and Spa


People have been using caves as shelter for thousands and thousands of years, and it is only natural to use a cave to create one of the most luxurious hotels on the planet. The Cappadocia Cave Resort and Spa is built on top of the Cappadocia in Turkey. If you’re like me, and not all that familiar with Turkey, then let me tell you that Cappadocia is a huge plateau that is over 1000 meter in altitude. The Cappadocia Cave Resort and Spa or the CCR is built directly into the mountains and uses the natural cave system as part of their hotel. The hotel starts at around 400 euros, and after you take a look at the hotel you will understand why. Even the most basic rooms come with a hydro massage shower or a hydro massage bathtub. Outside of the room is where the CCR really shines. It has two pools one inside and the other outside. Each Pool is heated and the outside pool has a full panoramic view of the surrounding landscape, on a clear day you can see for miles and miles. No luxurious hotel is complete without a full array of spa options. The CCR has lots to choose from as they have a steam room, sauna, salt room, and even a snow room. Yes, you read correctly salt and snow room. Much like the salt rocks that you see at tourist shops the salt room is carved out of rock salt and designed to help battle lung related diseases. Turkey can get some very hot summers and the sun can be unrelenting. Walking deep into the caves of the resort may be enough for some but others will want to check out the snow room. Here snow is made and kept as its used to sooth sunburns or just cool off. The CCR is also home to Leea Spa and offers a ride arrange of skin and body care, it is especially popular for their one of a kind massages. The CCR offers most types of massage such as Thai, Ottoman, Aromatherapy, Sultan’s four-handed, local, Swedish, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Cellulite, and many others. The CCR a one of a kind hotel, and a place that you won’t want to pass up.



Utter Inn

From 1000m above sea level to 3m below this next hotel is clearly in the realm of unique. Utter inn is a floating underwater inn. Utter inn is located on lake Malaren near Stockholm in Sweden. Unlike the CCR above Utter Inn does not have heated pools, salt, steam, or snow rooms. The Utter Inn is a single room and a deck. The deck has a small red Swedish house with white trim. The single room has two twin beds and a small table, there area few lights on the inside and out that are powered by solar panels. The small Inn sits 1kM in the middle of the lake, at check in you are driven out to the inn and given instructions then left. If you went the deluxe package a dinner would be brought out to you. While visiting utter inn you have the option to view the underwater sea life through the panoramic windows, or sunbath from the top deck. Visitors are left with an inflatable canoe so they may paddle to the nearby-uninhibited island to explore or use the forests natural rest room. Utter inn starts at $333 USD for nightly stay and is an experience that you will be sure to not quickly forget.


King Pacific Lodge

Have you ever dreamed about getting so far away from civilization that all you can hear, all you can see, all you can feel is just nature? If that is the case then on our trip of top 10 best and unique hotels is for you. The King Pacific Lodge is hidden away in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest in Canada. It was built to float and then was towed into the position it is in today. The lodge is only accessible from a small floatplane and the price for the flight is included in the lodge rate. Because of this package are sold for 3,4 or 7 night, pricing ranges from around $4800 to $28,000 USD depending on if you want a standard room or the Princess Royal Suite. The Lodge also offers an abundance of actives while you are staying; the actives are mostly for those who enjoy the outdoors such as ocean fishing, hiking and heli-hiking, kayaking, and even whale watching. There are very few hotels that offer whale watching as an activity so don’t miss out. Around the Great Gear Rainforest there are many rear species that call it home. In the water there is humpback whales and sea lions, if you head inland you will find even more beautiful animals like white tailed deer, black bears, grizzly bears, and even the rare white Kermode or known as the Spirit bear. The King Pacific Lodge is a one of the kind hotel offers such a relaxed stay that you will never want to leave the wilderness.


Tree Hotel

Growing up I was always building tree houses, my brother and I would go into the woods behind our house and start hammering with nails and wood we stole from our father. The designers at Treehotel have taken building a tree house to the max and created 5 unique rooms to rent.  I use the term room loosely because these are really treerooms. Desinged to give you a truly unique experience each treeroom has its own theme. The different treerooms built to date are the Cabin, Mirrorcube, Bird’s Nest, Blue Cone, and the UFO. Yes, you read that correctly a Mirrorcube, UFO, and Bird’s Nest. I am not stretching my word when I say they look exactly as they sound. The mirror cube is a 4x4x4 meter cube that has its outside completely covered by mirrors. The UFO is what you see in any low budget alien film, it is suspending by cables and has no connection to the ground except for an electric stair case that extends from and retracts into the UFO. Lastly the birds nest, there isn’t much to say about it you look up and see a floating mob of branches. Much like the UFO the Bird’s Nest has a retractable staircase to make the Birdsnest almost float in the trees. The Treehotel group has also built the Tree Sauna its available to guest of the hotel for extra and open for private booking. The Steam Sauna is their way of providing a shower the steam Sauna can hold 8 people and upon entering you are given a towel, slippers, shampoo, conditioner, and soap. The Treehotel is like no other; it is truly a place where you can live among the trees.



Hotel Kakslauttanen

Hotel Kakslauttanen is located in northern Sweden and right inside the artic circle. You might be asking how could anything inside the artic circle make it on a top 10 list? Well because of some genius engineering and a lot of snow. This hotel is made of 40 first class log cabins, 5 queen suites, a honeymoon suite, and a Lappish farmer log house. The queen suites are my personal favorite as they all come with a personal outdoor hot tub. These log cabins are nice and all but once your inside you can’t see the stars and the northern lights. The designers at Hotel Kakslauttanen have fixed that however by creating an igloo village. They have two types of igloos in their village the first is your standard 100% made from snow and they have 60 beds to rent. The second are glass igloos, these domed igloos are made from a special thermal glass that melts snow and keeps its crystal clean even on the coldest of nights in -35 degree Celsius weather. These glass igloos are all equipped with toilets and luxury beds. There is no better way to enjoy the northern lights then from the warmth of a bed with someone you love. Kakslauttanen has lots of other things to offer then lodging as well. Much like the Glass Igloo there is a Glass Kota, which is an 8-meter tall teepee, made from the same glass as the igloos its great for group gatherings. If you are an art follower then you won’t be bored as there is an ice gallery where ice sculptures from all around the world are displayed. This resort has a lot of ice and snow and because of it they created their restaurant out of ice, you can dine and enjoy top of the line food.





No listing of hotels would be complete without Verana. Located in Mexico it is built on a mountainside that can’t be reached by land. It takes a 3 hour flight from L.A. To reach Puetrto Vallarta Mexico and from there a little drive will get you to the beach but not to Verana. After that you taka a half hour boat ride and then a short mule ride up the beach to the resort. Verana is a small luxury Spa, it is the perfect place to get away and escape from the pressures of the world. Attendants will beckon to your every need, which in this resort won’t be much. With secluded pools near most of the rooms you can enjoy a cool refreshing swim anytime. Verana offers lots of other great actives that make this a unique location. Located just off the jungle there are guided jungle treks that will take you deep into the untouched jungle to see hidden waterfalls and oasis. For the adventures in us all there is ever a waterfall, which you can jump from and plunge into the depths of a pool made of crystal clear glass. Wherever you look in this resort you will be surrounded with beauty and nature. Making this a one of a kind resort that you won’t want to miss.




As I was going through all the different hotels I was beginning to think that here in the U.S. didn’t have vary many unique hotels. However, once I came across Winvian I knew that was untrue. Located in Litchfield Hills Connecticut Winvian is a 113 acres plot of beautiful forest with 18 beautifully themed cottages open to stay in. Winvian doesn’t just stop when you walk off the 113 acres of their land it is surrounded by an additional 4000 acres of national forest. When looking at the cabins from the outside they all look unique and seem to be normal cabins. However, once you step inside you will notice that each one has a very unique theme. Some of them are subtle such as the log cabin, stone, and woodlands. Other themes are more noticeable and unique such as the Helicopter, which has a 1968 Sikorsky Sea King parked inside the cabins walls. Well this for I should use cabin loosely as its more like a barn to hold to the 17,000 pound heli. Another notable cottage is the CT Yankee a medieval themed cottage based off of mark Twain’s Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court. These cottages are very unique and worth the money to stay. Rates vary greatly from $499 to $1650. Winvian is a very luxurious resort with beautiful lodging. There is also a spa and a wonderful restaurant on the campus, which gets most of the produce from a nearby garden. Winvian will leave you relaxed and energized.


The Shady Dell

Ever wonder what the inside of those Airstream campers look like? The ones that are silver all over and have the rounded front. Well at The Shady Dell you can find out and even stay in one for a night or two. Located in Bisbee, Arizona The Shady Dell has 10 rooms to rent. There is a bus, a 1947 Chris Craft Yacht, and 8 antique trailers. Each of the rooms have been restored to be beautiful and appealing to all guest. All of the rooms where at one time used as transportation and today sit awaiting visitor to enjoy them once again. The oldest of the room sis the 1947 Chris Craft and the youngest is a 1959 Boles Aero. The Shady Dell has the lowest rates out of any of the hotels we have seen so far in the $50-$200 range. It is also clearly in the unique category. It is for travelers who are looking for a memorable night in a trailer that they have never see before or those who are looking to bring back old memories from when they once owned an Airstream or another 1950s trailer.


Poseidon – Undersea Resort


No listing would be near complete without the addition of Poseidon the undersea resort. Located in Fiji this resort is built on a 5,000 acre lagoon, and it is the worlds first seafloor resort. Guest have to take an elevator 40 feet down into the ocean where they will find their rooms looking out into the lagoon. The rooms or in this case suites are 550 feet the size of a small apartment and are about 70% acrylic giving the occupants an unsurpassed view of the ocean life around them. Packages for this one of a kind resort are for 7 days two nights will be underwater the underwater suites and the additional 4 nights in an island villa. Each of the villas are just as magnificent as the underwater suites with 1,500 of space and a private fresh-water plunge pool. Poseidon offers also amenities besides lodging as well with the worlds largest underwater restaurant you will never go hungry there is also an underwater library and move center for enjoying quite evenings. With every all-inclusive package there are many things included such as a diving aboard a luxury expedition submarine with 16 passengers, while there you will also have the opportunity to pilot a mini 3-person sub with your guest and a trained diver for safety. To get up in personal with the animals in the lagoon there is diving always available, but your package also includes a walk using the Sea-Trek system, which is a helmet, attached to a air hose. The Poseidon Undersea Resort will be a fantasy to most because of its starting price at $30,000 for two people.


Hotel Fox

Hotel Fox is a beautiful hotel located in Denmark. What makes Hotel Fox so special is the art. Not art hanging from a hook on the wall or a statue out front but the rooms. At Hotel Fox the Rooms are the canvas, the entire room from the flooring to the bedclothes. Each room is designed by artist to be extremely unique and special. The art types ranges from Queen Victorian to Japanese Manga. When making your reservation you won’t make a selection based on what type of room you want but more importantly the art work which you want to experience while visiting. While staying that the Hotel Fox be sure to enjoy Sushitreat which is reopening June 17th, 2012 with a brand new interior. Sushitreat is a delicious addition to Hotel Fox making it a hotel you won’t want to miss. Unlike the above resorts Hotel Fox does not offer Spa amenities or horse back riding, but they do offer an experience to immerse yourself in a magnificent piece of art. Hotel Fox even has its own movie as it captures the artwork being made as the hotel went from being nothing to into the creative artwork it is today.