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With over 30,000 restaurants and over 1 million employees, McDonald’s is by far the largest restaurant chain in the world! And out of 30,000 locations, there is one that has the largest Play-Place in the world. It’s the McDonald’s on the corner of Sand lake rd. and International Dr. in sunny Orlando, FL. Millions of people flock to Orlando for Disney, Universal, and Sea World, but now people are actually coming for McDonald’s! This phenomenon is due to the fact that they have the largest Play-Place in the World!

Once you arrive to this monstrous McDonald’s you will notices that it’s not like any Mickey D’s you have ever seen. It’s a 2 story building right in the center of all the action! This McDonald’s is open 24 hours a day so you can enjoy the delicious food anytime, day or night. They are always overstaffed to help serve you better. They also offer all the same great food that you know and love! This location is home to the Gourmet Bistro, this is an upscale area of the restaurant where you can purchase higher quality sandwiches and meals.

Another great feature of this restaurant is the cleanliness. They actually hire janitors to clean instead of the cooks or cashiers cleaning. This makes the whole restaurant more efficient. Your food is always prepared fresh when you order it and of course customer service is always free! You can eat McDonald’s anywhere in the world but when you sink your teeth into that Big Mac you will realize that this not your average McDonald’s. The fries just taste crisper, the soda just has more fizz, and even the colors seem brighter.

Even beyond the great food, the real draw is the Play Place. Once you’re done eating you and you children can ride the escalator up to the top floor. Here you will find a wonderful expanse of virtual reality, arcades, and other exciting games. When you normally go to Mickey D’s your child always wants to spend some time in the Play-Place. This McDonald’s puts a really big twist on the Play-Place concept. Just the sheer volume of people makes this one of the busiest McDonald’s in the world. But don’t think that the personal attention you deserve will be sacrificed.

As mentioned before, they have a large and helpful staff there to ensure that your experience at this McDonald’s is the happiest visit to any McDonald’s you have ever visited! This restaurant definitely sets the bar for every fast food restaurant in the world! So when you’re in Orlando, be sure to make a stop for the food but more so the Play-Place.


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