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There are a variety of dining venues in Kissimmee to eat at however the one restaurant that stands out is Ponderosa Steakhouse. At Ponderosa there are fresh hot meals to offer you and your party such as a high quality cut of steak grilled any way you like it! Or perhaps you may like steaming hot lemon glazed rotisserie chicken with a side of garlic mashed potatoes. All of this and more comes with a complimentary dinner buffet with the order of an entrée. Have no worries if you are watching what you eat. Ponderosa has the huge selection of toppings so you can create almost any salad combination possible. There is such a wide selection of food you may feel a bit overwhelmed. Just relax and take a deep breath because you are in for a huge meal at a bargain price. From the moment you walk through the doors of the restaurant you can just feel the presence of hospitality. Kissimmee has that Disney touch, so the people in the area all have that Disney magic!

The last time I was in Florida with my friends, we decided to grab some breakfast before we went to the parks and that was when we ran into Ponderosa. That restaurant isn’t around where we’re from so, we wanted to give it a try (which turned out to be a gold mine)! The hostess told us that breakfast was only $4.99 and it was all you can eat. From the time we got into the restaurant, we were sitting down and eating in no more than five minutes. We had eggs, sausages, bacon, hash browns, and so much more. Things turned out perfect because we spent a whole day at Disney without eating, because we knew how expensive food is out there. All in all, let’s just say we ate at Ponderosa before the parks just about every day in our vacation to Orlando.

-Michael Chandler

Ponderosa is the perfect location for any meal whether it is breakfast or dinner. Crispy bacon, sausage, and farm fresh eggs makes up a breakfast fit for a king. Additional selections include sausage biscuits and gravy tasty enough to give grandma a run for her money! Ponderosa has space available to accommodate large groups and small conventions. Many times this wonderful restaurant is the location for receptions and birthdays. Ponderosa has all the advantages of the different sit-down restaurant types but none of their downfalls. This includes fast service, quality food, and the luxury of all you can eat. It would be tragic to not have at least one of your meals here at this amazing when you come into town.



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